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Arch Low Chair-N
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Arch Low Chair N
Stylish low chair in arch shaped design with bent wood. The food tray can be turned back when the tray and the belt are not in use. The chair is foldable when not in use and it can be stored in compact space. It can be carried easily by the hanlde on the backrest. You can choose from three colors according to the home interior.

おすすめPOINT ひとこと言わせて The low chair is normally a simple chair with short legs just deighed from a high chair, but the design of Arch is unique and cute with bent wood. It feels soft and warm with its material of wood. It is also very functionl. The food tray can be turned back when not in use. And you can easily bring out the chair when eating out and going to the parents or friends house by folding and put into the car. (Kawai)

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Copyright (c)2011 yamatoya co.,Ltd All rights reserved.